Captured above: Stuey and his dingo mate at Dreamworld.

Commonly referred to as respite, Short Term Accommodation (STA) is a way of providing much needed support for participants and their network to have time out, try new things and achieve their goals.  

Traditionally, your STA would include overnight accommodation and allow for you to have a respite period which spans two the three days.  

Trusted Care can provide tailored STA experiences which includes your accommodation, program, support, food, and activities. NDIS-eligible participants can typically access their plan funding either specifically for STA/respite, or via core funding for a customised package. 

Did you know that Trusted Care can also work with you to provide a Day Support Program for NDIS participants? 

This program is centred around an activity closes to the home of the participant and allows for them to achieve goals with the support of one of our trained team members. Across a period of 10 hours the participant will enjoy empowering activities which are goal focused and supported by one-on-one attention. 

This is an ideal option for someone who might like to experience a day out whereby they can stretch themselves socially and a good segway into a longer STA. 

Our Service Managers are experienced in STAs and day trips, reach out to the Trusted Care today, and start the conversation. Let’s plan together! 

Quote from Stuey:

Hi, I am Stuart. I have been with Trusted Care for a few months now, and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. In my four and a half years in Brisbane, I have been with other companies, but this is the best one. They are very professional, and I recommend them to everybody. There are no words that can express how wonderful the people at Trusted Care are”.

Stuey, Trusted Care client