Emily Wyatt-Godbolt

Support worker


Outside of work, what is an interest/hobby you have?

Outside of work I enjoy taking my two nephews out to indoor playgrounds and local cafes. I also love live music and going to concerts with my friends.


What is one of the things you do supporting our participants that gives you the most satisfaction?

I find that assisting people in achieving their own personal goals extremely satisfying. I think that giving people the tools to overcome their areas of struggle is the most rewarding thing, getting to see people achieve their upmost independence and self-satisfaction with their life.


What is something that isn’t on your resume?

One thing on my resume that not everyone knows is my love for reading. Nothing is quite as nice as sitting in a quiet area and reading a good book.


What initially drew you to the career path of support worker?

Iā€™m currently studying my bachelors of nursing, so I was drawn to support work in order to improve my ability to communicate and share empathy. The skills I have and continue to learn in this field will stick with me for life.


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