Support worker


Outside of work, what is an interest/hobby you have?

Outside of work, my life revolves around my 3 beautiful children. We do a lot of spontaneous adventures that involve bush walks, searching for waterfalls, enjoying BBQs and gatherings with our family and friends. Most of all we love days at the beach on our jet skis travelling over to Moreton Island and swimming around the shipwrecks.


What is one of the things you do supporting our participants that gives you the most satisfaction?

I really enjoy supporting our participants, because I love creating bonds with people and helping them with their independence and exploring their everyday life and helping them to live their fullest life.


What is something that isn’t on your resume?

I was raised around disability/age care whole life as its all my mum has ever done and still does. Christmas as a child was in a disability home with many people who pretty much became my family.


What initially drew you to the career path of support worker?

What drew me to this industry was my great nan who, at the age of 94 was still living in her own home even though she was completely blind. My family and I would all come together helping her whenever needed to keep her in the only place she ever knew as home; cooking meals or cleaning or simply, as the daily pop in and checking up on her for just the company and one of her cups of tea.


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