Support worker


Outside of work, what is an interest/hobby you have?

Outside of work I love to go camping or go on spontaneous road trips and adventures with my partner and our friends. I love the beach, so you’ll find me and my beautiful mini dachshund Coco there most times as that’s my personal retreat away from reality, well other than going to an actual spa retreat because come on who doesn’t love that!


What is one of the things you do supporting our participants that gives you the most satisfaction?

I love being able to help support someone to make their own choices in their own lives. I really enjoy watching and assisting my clients to become more and more independent every day. However, the biggest satisfaction I get from working with my clients is that thought of knowing I could have just made their day and helped them with their goals and that makes me extremely happy just helping people and putting a smile on others faces.


What is something that isn’t on your resume?

Something that is not on my resume is that I am TERRIFIED of spiders haha. But also, that I am an adrenaline junkie and I love Marvel movies!


What initially drew you to the career path of support worker?

Initially what drew me to having a career being a support worker is that my mother was involved in a car accident, and I looked after her for around 12 months before I moved to the Gold Coast. I absolutely fell in love with the industry, being able to support and make a difference in someone else’s life is exactly the purpose I was searching for. I love making connections with my clients and teammates. I couldn’t be more appreciative and honoured to work in such a diverse, kind, and caring industry. I have found my purpose and I’m excited to keep making new connections and learning as I go.


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