Yumiko (Yumi)

Support worker


Outside of work, what is an interest/hobby you have?

I have too many hobbies, but my favorite hobby is pottery. I have been doing pottery for over 15 years. It is such a fun and enjoyable experience. I am selling my pottery at craft markets a few times a year. My other hobbies are silversmithing (making silver jewellery), baking sweets, bushwalking and watching movies.


What is one of the things you do supporting our participants that gives you the most satisfaction?

It is very satisfying to make a difference in their lives and I like making my clients happy.


What is something that isn’t on your resume?

I have a naughty and crazy dog which is a 3 years old doberman. She drags me on leash when she finds a cat!


What initially drew you to the career path of support worker?

I started working as an Assistant in nursing 12 years ago because I wanted to do something to help people who need it. That was the start, and then I have expanded my career to disability support work. I always like helping others, so working as a support worker is a very natural thing to me.

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