Maddy Vanderburg

Support worker


Outside of work, what is an interest/hobby you have?

Maddy V

Outside of work my life pretty my much revolves around horses. I have 4 of my own competitive horses that do a variety of disciplines. My main discipline is cattle work/timed events also known as gymkhanas. When I’m not working, most weekends I’ll be out competing.


What is one of the things you do supporting our participants that gives you the most satisfaction?

I enjoy supporting participants, as it allows me to help people in need. The thing I enjoy the most about it is allowing and helping them to be independent throughout their daily life, whether it is going shopping or to the beach for fish and chips.


What is something that isn’t on your resume?

Something people would never guess about me is that I am absolutely petrified of heights- even though I ride horses.


What initially drew you to the career path of support worker?

I haven’t been a support worker for long, but what initially drew me to being a support worker is the thought of helping different people, I love being able to make a connection with the participants and work alongside them. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Nursing so that was another thing that drew me to working in this field.


Maddy V

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