If you are unable to prepare food or cook for yourself, you may be eligible to receive funding through your plan management to support you. There are two primary options for meal preparation and delivery in your NDIS plan:

  1. Funding for a person to shop on your behalf and to come to your home to prepare meals for you
  2. Funding which will cover a portion of the costs of ready-made meals to be delivered to your home.

There are benefits to both options and what is important is that no matter which solution you decide to implement, you need to be sure that you will receive variety and a balanced, healthy diet to meet your nutritional needs.

Having a person shop and cook for them has been a standard line item for many people in their plans. This involves not only your plan manager but also spending time with your support worker to discuss your food preferences and of course, any allergies. A change of support worker can lead to a change in diet and while for some this might be welcomed, for other people this may increase anxiety and uncertainty.

Therefore, opting for pre-prepared home delivery meals, might be the right choice for you.

If you’re unable to cook a meal or shop for ingredients because of your disability, you should be able to use your NDIS funding to pay for meals to be prepared and delivered to you. However, the NDIS do look at your individual situation to decide whether it’s reasonable and necessary to provide this funding.

The NDIS will cover the cost of preparing a meal and having it delivered to you. It won’t cover the cost of the ingredients used to make the meal, because the NDIS classifies these as everyday expenses.

Rather than list the exact price of ingredients included in a dish, service providers use a

The NDIS recently clarified the rules around who can claim this support. To pay for meal prep and delivery using your NDIS funds, you need to have it specifically included in your plan (Preparation and Delivery of Meals).

The NDIS will provide you with enough money to pay for a set number of meals from a specific provider, to be delivered over the course of your plan. Because of this approach, you’ll need to provide them with a quote from a meal provider, rather than ordering meals as you go.

When you head into your planning meeting, there are a couple of things you should take with you to help get Preparation and Delivery of Meals included in your plan.

A quote from a meal provider, detailing how many meals they will deliver to you over the course of your plan, and the total price.

Any supporting evidence that will help the NDIS see why it’s reasonable and necessary for you to get funding for meal preparation and delivery. An example of this would be a letter from an occupational therapist explaining why you’re unable to prepare meals yourself.

It is important for you to consider the two options when it comes to meal preparation – if you are person who like specific foods and enjoys home cooking then option 1 might be suitable but if you are person who prefers an independent approach, option 2 could well meet your needs.

Either way, this is an informed decision that you need to make and the team at Trusted Care are here to help you discuss and to review your options, to speak with a Trusted Care team member today phone 1800 670 990 or email services@trustedcare.org.au