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The Trusted Care approach!

We use a six-step service delivery model to ensure the highest possible standard of care.


    1. Initial contact. The participant briefly describes their situation and needs. It is important to understand your goals at the start!

2. Initial consultation. We sit down with the participant for an in-depth discussion.

    1. Build a service plan. We create a personalised care plan and team of support workers based on the participant’s individual needs.
    1. Implement the service plan. Our custom-built team puts the support program into action.
    1. Regular communication. We communicate with the participant and support workers regularly to get their feedback.
    1. Monitor and adjust. We make any necessary changes to the service plan and support team to ensure the participant is receiving optimal care.

Know someone who may also benefit from this? When an existing client refers a friend they win a $50 supermarket voucher when the refered client book and pay for their first service with Trusted Care.