At Cystic Fibrosis Queensland, we believe that all decisions made regarding our business operations must ensure that we are improving the lives and outcomes of our members – people living with cystic fibrosis.

Throughout the pandemic, it has been challenging to hold fundraising events and while we have pivoted to online, the revenue has not reached that our in-person events. In addition, competition for grants has increased and our grant pipeline has been reduced,

At the same time, the need for our support and service programs by our members has increased by almost 150%.

Cystic Fibrosis Queensland successfully runs a social enterprise bookshop which returns funds raised to the charity and the Lord Mayors Charitable Trust. This community hub serves no other purpose than to return revenue to our charity and this started us thinking…. what else could we be doing in the social enterprise space…and Trusted Care was born.

Trusted Care is a national NDIS provider for all people living with disability, including people with cystic fibrosis who qualify for NDIS. The sole purpose of Trusted Care is to return revenue to the cystic fibrosis community through increased support and service programs. Programs either funded directly by the NDIS or by the funds raised by the NDIS for the charity.

Trusted Care is proudly supporting cystic fibrosis. So, I will ask you again, what’s your purpose?