Welcome to Trusted Care Support Worker Induction Pack

The following induction will inform you about our organisation and assist you to perform your duties. Upon completion of your induction, you will be required to submit a confirmation that you understand your employment agreement set out in your letter of offer, our policies, and procedures and importantly, that you are willing and able to comply to the standards set by the NDIS.

  1.   NDIS Worker Screening Card
  2.  Blue Card with Paid Status (Click here to apply for Bluecard)
  3.  NDIS Worker Orientation Module ‘Quality, Safety and You.’
  4.  NDIS Safe and Enjoyable Meals
  5.  NDIS New Worker Induction
  6.  NDIS Supporting Effective Communication
  7.   First Aid (Less than 3 years old)
  8.  CPR (Less than 12 months old)
  9.   Resume
  10. CF Smart (At school/Day Care) Certificate
  11.  COVID Vaccination Evidence (minimum of two doses needed)
  12.  Flu Vaccination received less than 12 months ago
  13.  Drivers Licence
  14.  Evidence of Car Registration
  15.  Right to Work Evidence (if applicable) Visa/Birth Certificate/Passport
  16.  Police Check
  17.  Signed Risk Management Policy and Procedure
  18.  Signed Privacy and Dignity Policy and Procedure
  19.  Signed Conflict of Interest Policy and Procedure
  20. Signed Code of Conduct Agreement

Letters of Offer will be completed individually and sent separately.

All mandatory requirements must be completed and sent to employment@trustedcare.org.au.

Induction Completion


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