To process NDIS participant invoices or requests for reimbursements, the NDIA need to have a clear process in place to ensure all invoices and reimbursements can be managed correctly. The NDIS requires that specific information be included on an invoice or reimbursement for it to be processed. One key piece of information needed are NDIS line items.

An NDIS line item is the NDIA’s way of categorising support services. Essentially every support service that you receive will have a line item, or to put it simply – a code, attached to it. This code is then used by your service providers on your invoices to show the NDIA what support service they provided and by the NDIA to determine which of your support budgets pays for the support.

By understanding what line items are, it can help you to navigate the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits Guide (formerly known as the Price Guide) and assist you in understanding the support services you have been funded for as well as the price limits the NDIS has laid out for that service.

How to read a line item

Sometimes when things are written in a coded way, it can be a little daunting to try to read or understand it. NDIS line items are simple to understand once you know how they are created.

Line items are made up of two parts:

  1. A brief description of the service provided
  2. A unique numerical code

What if a support falls into several line-item categories?

Some NDIS supports may fall under different support categories (Core, Capital, Capacity Building) and line items. If this is the case, always choose the relevant line item from either your Capital or Capacity Building Support budget before choosing a line item under Core Supports. The reason for this is because both Capital and Capacity Building Supports are typically not flexible, whereas your Core Supports budget is flexible.

If you no longer have funding available in your Capital or Capacity Building Support budget, then you could use your Core Support budget.

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